The new method of surgery to increase height

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The new method of surgery to increase height

In this method, fixtures are closed at the desired location, and the bone to be lifted is cut, and the incision site is spaced apart with the help of a fixture. This distance gradually fills with the bone-forming cells, and eventually the length of the bone increases to a maximum of 30 percent of its original length. It is one of the most serious orthopedic surgeries

. With the help of fixtures, one millimeter of bone is created every 24 hours. In the early stages, this gap is filled with blood clots and gradually with connective tissue, and it takes time for the bone-forming cells to become accustomed to this “bone gap” and complete the skeletal process.

For example, if an increase in length of 5 cm is desired, it takes 50 days to increase this length of time, and at least another 50 days to complete the process. Slow down.

Improper quality of the bones made is another limitation of this method. Sometimes the bones that are made in this way lack the necessary quality and strength, and breaking these bones is another problem that patients face.

Questions about height increase

1. How long does the increase take?

It takes about six to eight months for a healthy person to grow 5 cm and be able to walk again. (If you don’t have a particular problem)

For some, it takes longer. For those who are particularly healthy and fit and have high pain tolerance, this course may be shorter.

Although bone can regenerate up to 1 mm per day, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and tendons grow much more slowly, so the recommended increase for a healthy adult is 0.666 mm per day.

Some doctors also allow an increase of up to 1 mm per day, although muscle and tendon problems will increase in this rhythm, especially problems in the knees and ankles.

2. Can the thighs and thighs be raised together?

It is technically possible, but it is strictly forbidden.

Very few doctors are willing to operate on the legs and thighs, and in some cases terrible results have been obtained. Sometimes it takes years for the patient to recover.

3. Is this action dangerous?

All cosmetic surgeries carry some risk, and the doctor must make sure that the patient is fully aware of the potential risks and problems before the operation.

Although there are very few reports of serious injuries or amputations, such issues are possible.

4. How much does this operation cost?

The total cost for a 5 cm operation will be between 13 million tomans to 130 million tomans, which varies depending on various factors.