External finger fixator

Elizarev’s History

External finger fixator: It is used to treat deformity or congenital malformations and fractures of the bones of the fingers, etc. and has been taken from Elizarev.

Most defects in the hands and feet that the usual orthopedic methods are unable to correct and treat can be treated with the Alizarev method. There are many cases where the usual procedures other than amputation and prosthesis placement (artificial hands and feet) have no answer, but Elizarev, with the fixators he made, was able to treat these disorders without amputation. Alzheimer’s fixators can be used to eliminate deviations or shortening of the limbs, and even in the treatment of some spinal disorders, the Elizarf method can be used. In fact, Alizarov gave his patients the opportunity to not only have one hand, but also one to live with.

Background and Aim: This study was performed to evaluate the results of bone lengthening by traction of skeletal calculus in fingers due to amputated trauma or bones of phalanx, metatarsus, and metacarpus that are congenitally short. In this study, a new design of the Alizaref device was used to stretch the bony calf

Examination method: 46 patients (20 females and 26 males) underwent bone or leg shortening and were treated with this method. (Average age 17 years from 4 to 23 years) 67% of our patients had bone loss due to traumatic amputation. The follow-up period for patients was 56 months

Results: The mean length of phalanx, metacarpal or metatarsal bones before surgery was 31 mm (from 35-30 mm) and the average length was 16 mm (from 15 to 27 mm), which is more than 50% increase in length. Created. The average healing index ratio was 5.53 days per millimeter. After the lengthening, there was no need for a bone graft. Complications in this study included a 2.5% pin duct infection, a hypertrophic scar on the back of the foot, and a recurrent dryness in the joints of 9.5%. Nervous complications were 1% and bone pain 12%.

Conclusion: Bone callus traction is an effective and reliable method for lengthening the phalanx, metacarpal or metatarsal bones. This procedure also does not require reconstruction of bone tissue periosteum. The lethal device is reliable and is very effective for traction Callotasis.