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Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov (English: Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov)

He was born into a Jewish family in occupied Poland. His family immigrated to the city of Qusar in Soviet Azerbaijan, where he spent his youth. He studied at the Crimean Medical School

He was the designer and inventor of a new method for treating joint-motor lesions of the limbs. Inventing a new way to prevent people from amputating their hands and feet in accidents.

So with the invention of a simple “fixator” in a laboratory in the Russian city of Gorkan, which was then a subsidiary of the current medical school in Leningrad or St. Petersburg, he initially treated patients with two simple rings at World War II events. The second had a limb defect.

At the beginning of his career, he faced many problems, including not being accepted by the medical community, so he was slandered many times. And even because of the type of structure of his metal device, he was nicknamed the Iron Salesman. But in spite of all these problems, he continued his career with a firm belief in his work until the Olympic champion in javelin throwing named “Valerie Boromi”, who had a disability in an accident, was able to recover after a while by referring to him. Win again and be in the championship position

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As a result, the hero made extensive publicity for Professor Elizarev and his surgical practice around the world, and subsequently provided a medical department to the professor, where he treated war wounded. He was then given a laboratory, which he later set up to treat patients, and in 1979, he founded the University of Elizarev.
In 1980, an Italian doctor first came to the Elizarev Center to learn about the procedure, and then published an article introducing the Elizarev procedure under his own name, prompting Russian government officials to follow up. Eventually, the Italian doctor was forced to apologize.
Most of the defects in the hands and feet, which are common in orthopedic methods, cannot be treated with Elizarev’s method. There are many cases where the usual methods other than amputation and prosthesis placement (artificial limbs) have no answer, but Elizarev, with the fixators he made, was able to treat these disorders without amputation. With Alizarev’s fixators, deviations or shortening of the limbs can be eliminated, and even in the treatment of some spinal disorders, the Alizarov method can be used. In fact, Elizarov gave his patients the opportunity to not only have one hand, but to have a hand to live with.
Is Elizarov’s method unique, and has no one used it before?
The first person to use this method at the elementary level was a German named Dr. Wagner. After him, several other doctors continued to do so, but to no avail, but Professor Elizarev tested the use of animals to perfect the use of fixators. Originally, the inventor of this shape was a special fixator and this type of application

Original name Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov
Born June 15, 1921
He died on July 24, 1992
Russian citizenship