External fixators of the full ring bone
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External external fixators of one and two tenths of a half ring bone


External  fixators of one and two tenths of a half-ring bone are made for external orthopedic fixed systems to stabilize fractured bones other than the spine.

The two huff rings are connected to each other with a diameter and with steps that are stepped, forming a complete ring. Two bolts and nuts are used to fix the huff rings to each other, thus opening one of the Screws The opening of the ring is placed on the limb and again in the form of a full ring, considering this issue, the half ring can be installed on the forearm, humerus, tibia, middle third or distal thigh. Special conditions You can use a single half ring. Using the interface plate, the half rings are in the shape of an oval, horseshoe, or five-eighth ring. To repair a tibial fracture, four rings, ie eight half-rings, are required. The screws connecting the two half rings are used as a (Reduction) criterion to adjust the frame on the anatomical structure and adjust the rings together inside the frame.

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Ilizarov Half Ring


هاف رینگ الیزاروف 140-150-160, هاف رینگ الیزاروف 170-180-190, هاف رینگ الیزاروف 200-210-220, هاف رینگ الیزاروف 230-240-250, هاف رینگ الیزاروف 260-270-280, هاف رینگ الیزاروف 80-90-100-110-120-130

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