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External external fixators of the heel bone

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External external fingertips of the hinge bone are designed for fixed external orthopedic systems to stabilize fractured bones other than the spine.

Hinges are dedicated posts with a single hole that match each other and are connected with screws. They are made of stainless steel and exist in both male and female. When used in pairs, they act as a real hinged joint. In this way, the rings can be used to gradually replace the tibial diaphysis fracture with angular displacement or a pseudoarthritis. They are also used to move various joints or to prevent partial dislocation during gradual bone elevation. The female becomes a male hedgehog with a different rod length by installing a rod and a nut. By installing a henge, forces can be used in different directions. If we do not tighten the hengee screw, it is movable, otherwise it is like a rod. The rule of thumb can rotate freely to create a complete joint

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