External external bone fixators of slotted bolt (page tension)
External external bone fixators
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External external fixators of rod bone with thread

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External external rod bone fixators are threaded for fixed external orthopedic systems to stabilize fractured bones other than the spine.

Beamed rods probably play a key role in the performance of the mechanical force, possibly controlled by the Elizarov machine. As the driving force of the frame, they are the most important secondary component in this machine. By reading the nuts that fix the rod to the frame, one is able to Create the necessary compression or distraction force. The rods are made in such a way that with each complete scratch of the nut, they create one millimeter of displacement in the longitudinal axis and with the help of other system components, transfer the created force to the bone. For example, in osteosynthesis of tibia and fibula fractures, four “two proximal and two distal rings to the fracture site are recommended to the fracture site to observe the important principle of maximum bone stability and the minimum consumables.” A longitudinal rod with a length of about 40-30 cm is passed through the rims and after completing the installation of the frame on the bone and obtaining the center of the device, we replace this longitudinal rod with smaller rods so that the adjacent rims To connect the dorsal. To connect the doring at the fracture site, four radars are used

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Threaded Rod

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