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External bone fixators external twist plate (rotating plate)

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External external fixators of twist plates are made for fixed external orthopedic systems. These plates are used to convert components from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane. 90 degrees of rotation between the holes of a flat plate causes vertical fixation. , There are 3 and 4 holes. Systems usually include an external plastic and / or metal fixed and other external and / or programmable components such as clamps, bone screws, paws, bushings and collars.

The system may include some suitable tools for grafting implants (eg screwdrivers, bumpers, drills). Fracture System External orthopedic systems are designed to heal and repair broken bones rapidly compared to cast casting by providing an irregular fracture motion during the healing process. They are mainly used to help heal the proximal or distal ends of long bones such as the femur and in fractures of the wrists, elbows, knees and thighs. Dedicated systems are available for a specific type of break stabilization.